The Biofilmcenter (BFC) at the Department of Microbiology, Infectious Disease, and Immunology at CHAR is a research group for basic and applied research of microbial infections, in particular biofilm-associated diseases. BFC bridges the gap between basic sciences and clinical diagnostic applications. It is one of the most important German research institutions in the field, training highly skilled specialists in health and scientific research. In the last five years BFC was involved, as coordinator or partner, in many national or international research projects, in high interest areas (innovative anti-biofilm drugs or materials, nanomedicine, antimicrobial resistance, emerging infectious diseases, high-end microscopy and digital image analysis, etc.). This includes for example two ZIM projects of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, a DFG project for Tick-borne relapsing fever in the Middle East, several research projects with the Hospital of the German Armed Forces in Berlin, and several industry-sponsored research projects on novel antimicrobial agents and antibiofilm treatment. The results of the research were published in a significant number of high-ranking scientific papers in well-known national/ international journals or presented at prestigious scientific conferences. This includes invitations as speaker at the ECCMID 2019 (Amsterdam), Gordon Conference ‘Biology of Spirochetes (2000, 2006, 2012) and discussion leader (2008, 2018) as well as keynote lectures (SGM, Society for General Microbiology Meeting UK, 2015, Galway, Ireland; eCM Bone & Implant Infection Meeting, 2015, Davos, Switzerland; 15th Medical Biodefense Conference, 2016, Munich, Germany).

List of the most relevant references and projects


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Domestic and international projects

German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (ESF)

EXIST- Research Transfer from Science into Application: Biofilm (2015 – 2017)


Robert Koch-Institute

German Consiliary Laboratory for  Tropheryma whipplei (2006 – 2022)


German Foundation for Cardiovascular Research


Development of a pulsatile in vitro incubator model for infective endocarditis (2018)


German Federal Ministry for Education and Research – Photonics (BMBF)

iSOLID – Integrated Solution for Infection Detection (2017 – 2020)


European Regional Development Fund (EFRE)

Project: Biofilm-Testing platform (2019-20222)


Volkswagen Foundation

Understanding Drug Resistance: Experimental Evolution (2019  – 2022)


Horizon 2020 | CORDIS | European Commission

GROWTH Project: Research and Training in Early Life Nutrition to Prevent Disease (2019-2024)


MoKi Analytics is a Start-up company from Charité founded in 2017 by Dr. Judith Kikhney and Professor Annette Moter. MoKi Analytics provides services and products for the molecular and microscopic detection of microorganisms, in particular microbial biofilms. The company is experienced in all aspects of preclinical validation and technology development applicable to the proposed Twinning project. In the current project, MoKi will provide valuable input for the development of the medium and long-term vision for combating and evaluation of mixed biofilms. Moreover, their expertise from industry will be essential for capacity building in the field of IPR protection, business development, valorisation, and personnel development. Experts from MoKi on these topics will be an integrative part of the talent development program, especially during the Training schools “Taking charge of your career” with coaching workshops and FISH training school, and Workshop “Translational knowledge; From research to enterprises”.